Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm riding my first Gorey 3-day,I've attempted to ride it 4 times but ive had injury's and my leaving cert so I hope to be in the mix throughout the weekend

Right its time to give ye a brief update.....

I was meant to go to Nenagh last weekend but my dad couldn't go due to a funeral so I headed out and did a good club spin with Stevie, Fergal and another member. We headed for Kildorrey and up the Ballyhouras and onto Castletownroche and home. We did about 70km and I got home and sat down for most of the day and watched Paris-Roubaix. It was just brilliant that's all ill say as most of ye saw it.

So this weekend im riding the Gorey 3-day.Ever since I was a junior I have attempted to ride it. My first year junior I was A4 so I couldn't ride it. The following year I broke my wrist, the next year I had my leaving cert and last year my parents away so I've entered it 3 times and I could never ride it so I'm looking forward to this weekend.

I feel that im capable of getting a decent result on the stages I just have to be there in the end and be on the right wheels. Theirs 199 riders starting and there's a lot of good riders in it. Ciaran Kelly is one to watch this weekend. He won the first race of the year in Kildare in Feb (a3) and also Mark Gater who was category 4 and now hes a2. I guess when these lads take a break and come back they have never lost it since they stopped cycling. There's a big field of lucan riders i think 18 in total so they are also the ones to watch as one of there riders  won the Tour of Connacht and worked really well to hold onto the yellow jersey.
I've been getting a few tips from riders about it. I have been told that the first stage is a bit messy with crashes so hopefully ill stay up around the front and get in the moves and try for a placing on the stages. I know since i got 8th in Fermoy i can get up in the stages I just have to pick the right wheels to go for in the finish. There's also that french team last year. I think they won  a stage or 2  so it will be interesting to see how im doing come Mondays stage back to Blessington from Gorey. I'm probably riding the best I have ever been in a long time and im a lot leaner and stronger than any year so I wont be afraid to have a go attacking and following the top guys. I'm the only Fermoy rider in it this year its a bit disappointing as the lads have been riding it for the past few years but that's life . I'm looking forward to it and the weather is meant to be great so fingers crossed it will be a great weekend and looking forward to meeting a good few of the lads I know that I don't see that much.

I've been training a good bit now and im getting out a lot more now as the weather has picked up. I was out twice yesterday as the weather was amazing. I did a nice spin to Cork City and back and then the club spin last night. My legs where tired last night a bit but i was still able to do up and over with the lads. Today i woke up and took a rest. I did a bit of core earlier on with the trainer I am doing it with and then im back out tomorrow again and then ill take it easy Friday and get everything sorted for the weekend.

There's the club leagues starting soon so im looking forward to that. I was told today that ours is starting APRIL 29th that's the tuesday before the Kanturk 3-day in Kanturk ,Aquablue are starting theres soon and then Osbourne meats/The Edge are starting theres soon on a Thursday also. So there will be a nice bit of midweek racing followed by the training sessions also. So im really looking forward to that and hoping I can get up to category 2 before the season is out. So basically that's all i really have to say.

I also bought a new helmet. The new spiuk one with the aeroshell cover so looking forward to testing the aerocover this weekend.

Anyway thats all for now. Ill try and keep ye posted this weekend. I have the blogger app on my Ipad so ill try and post. If not I will give ye all the info on the Monday when im home.

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Gorey 3-day (details)



Rathcormac in the distance

New spiuk helmet

With aeroshell cover

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Silver Pail Gp

 Right its time to get back to the blogging. I raced about 30km of the Des Hanlon and called it a day. I was just going backwards that day. Ive done a good amount of training since on the bike. I was hoping for a result today and it all payed off.

Ill just give ye a brief update on the past few days. I was sound asleep Wednesday night when i got a text from a person i will not be mentioning. I know so many people are asking who but if ye want to know just ask me in person. Basically Thursday morning i woke up to a message. The first message wasn't the one that I posted on Facebook. After telling this idiot to go away and stop texting me at 3am in the morning looking for a conversation  he sent a message which actually was very harsh. At first i wasn't sure what to do but i said to myself  i have to do something. So i decided to crop his name out of the message and post it on Facebook. Straight away the comments and support started coming in. I was amazed that so many people stood with me. Then i got onto his club and the lads where superb straight away. They said that carry on is not on and esp that im only 21 and this guy is well in his 40s. So that was my training day ruined on the bike. I just want to thank everyone for Thursday. It was a real let down of a day but its in the past now and i will never talk to him again. Thanks to the lads from Midleton cycling club for dealing with it. Great bunch.

So ive started doing some hard core work with a former world champion in handball. We made a goal for this weekend. We were going to try and get a top 10 in Fermoy and it worked. I came 8th today. Went a bit early in the sprint but still rolled over the line in the top 10. I wasn't quite sure where i came but i knew it was inside the top 10.

Right ill get down and into details about the race.

So after a crap nights sleep. For some reason I couldn't sleep,I eventually dozed off at what ever time but i woke up feeling good and confident. I could hear the the rain and wind outside and I was like another normal day outside. Anyway i woke up and had my breakfast (weetabix with almonds ,raisins) and orange juice. So i looked at the clock and realized i better start getting changed. Thank god it wasn't getting up very early and traveling early in the morning. Anyway i got kitted up in my summer kit and a long sleeve bodywarmer and it was just about right. I went and signed on and headed for the start. The underage races were on and we had Adrian Keohane getting 2nd in the u16 race. Well done Adrian. I met the lads and had the usual chit chats and went for a warm up with a few of the lads and came back and was ready for action. I decided to make an attack early on to get things going but was caught just after the top of the first drag and decided to sit up and get back into the bunch. I saw a small group going up the road but opted to wait. I heard that Michael O'Loughlin and Stephen Shannahan where away and the lads decided not too work. So when i heard they were away I thought that was it that they would stay away but not just.... I tried getting away a few times. I got away with the winner Mark Gater and a few others trying to go across to the lads but we were caught so it was back into the bunch and the lads were still out a head. Nothing really got away then. There was a few small attacks and the lads in the distance. I was kinda getting pissed off because they were reachable but we werent working. I think at one stage they had over 1 minute on us but i wasn't quite sure. The sun beaming down on us when it was meant to be raining happy days!!!. Going onto the last lap I decided to make one more move and see would anyone come with me, so coming towards the finish i made an attack but i wasnt working. I decided  to get into the bunch and wait for the finish. Heading around the first corner on the last lap the boys had 40 seconds on us. I thought this was it but it wasn't. The lads were getting closer and closer and we were getting faster and faster. There was quite a few close calls with cars today. They could see us coming but they wouldn't slow down which i thought was quite stupid. Thank god there wasn't any serious accident. One killarney lad hit the deck but hes grand. Anyway heading into Glanworth Micheal and Stephen were caught. I was giving out at one stage on one of the laps and Denis ( aggie) from Blarney turned at me and started saying stuff which made us all laugh. Anyway the lads brought back so it was time to head for the front of the bunch . We came onto the ballyhooly road and it was time to move up. I could feel a few butterfly's in my stomach knowing that the finish would suit me. I seen Danny O'Suillivan make a late attack for the line but i saw Brian O'Connell attack and followed Mark Gater and i got onto his wheel. I knew he was the man to watch as he needed 2 points to get to a2. Coming for the finish i decided to make a go for it and i went a bit early but i rolled over the line definitely in the top 10. I knew i was in the top 10 but wasn't sure where i was. Few said to me I wasnt but i knew i was. Anyway after the race I watched the main race which was won by Eddie Barry (lidquidwork-fitscience) from Richard Hootan (Osbourne meats) and Olan Barret (AquaBlue). So after heading back to the sign on for a bite to eat I was told i was 8th which was the goal succeeded. Thanks Colm for the motivation. Anyway after the chit chats it was time to head home. So first place of the year in my hometown race. Happy with that. Next up for me is the grueling Nenagh Classic then the Gorey International 3-day the Easter weekend.



Silver Pail Gp (Results)

After the race
(Photo by Jerry O'Neill) 

Mark putting on the hurt
(Photo by Jerry O'Neill)
Trying to bridge across on my own but didn't work
(Photo by Ciaran O'Connor)

Trying to bridge across with Mark Gater and some other guy
(Photo by Ciaran O'Connor) 

Attacking on one of the laps
(Photo by Kevin Hayes)
Myself and Peter Ryan before the race
( Photo taken by Simon Ryan's mam)
Collecting 8th place
(Photo by Kevin Hayes)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tommy Sheehan Memorial

Right its time to give ye an update on the race today. After finishing in the bunch in Blarney yesterday it was onto Carrick On Suir for the annual St Patrick's day race in Carrick. I got my bag ready when I came home yesterday and just relaxed for the night.

I woke up this morning feeling good my legs weren't too tired after yesterdays race in Blarney. Had my usual breakfast and onto Carrick I went with Corey. He picked me up about 8:40 as it was an early start. We had to take the old road as hes learning how to drive but we arrived on plenty of time. Anyway......

I got signed on and we drove out to the start and I got kitted up. I met up with the lads before the race and a few others had a few chats. I was hoping to do well today as the two races would help me for the races coming up in the next few weeks. Anyway a big number of category 3's signed on I think 92 signed on. It didn't look that big in the bunch but anyway. There was a few attacks early on but I didn't go until bout 3km before the main road but was brought back on the drag onto it and I just regrouped. The race was dangerous at times. There was a lot of breaking and in fairness there was no need for it. Im really surprised there was no crash in the cat 3 race. A few riders came over on top of me at times but I hope to get out of the a3 racing before the year is out as its just ridiculous at this stage. A few riders tried getting away but nothing really got away. A few riders got away going onto the second lap and i chased them down on my own I got away from the group from just outside Carrick to half way up the finish when it all regrouped again. It was a very stop/start race. It would speed up then it would slow down. I think a lot of people where watching each other as there was a good few good riders and nobody wanted to let anything get away. I tried a few times but nothing got away. We went past the finish for the last time with my legs tired and feeling sore. I managed to take a good drink out of my bottle and make my way up the bunch again. I saw a few riders go away but I wasn't sure what to do. I decided to stay in the bunch. After awhile I decided to make a go for it and almost got across but the wind was too strong. I looked back and I could see Shane Power of the Dungarvan club coming across and two others and I would make be a lot easier to work with those 3. Anyway we where brought back on the first drag and regrouped. A few more riders got away including the in form Mark Gater. At this stage the lads up ahead where still away and nobody wanted to chase. It was like "we will leave them off and let them win" nobody wanted to chase or anything. A  few of us started to work on the main road to try and bring it back. We where getting it down a few seconds but no one wanted to work it was just ridiculous. I made one more attack but nothing happened so i just decided to sit up and let others do it. Anyway we came into Carrick with the lads out in front just ahead and I could see most of them that there legs just blew on the climb. Was it perfect timing or what. My legs where tired from yesterdays race so i just finished in the bunch. Martin O'Loughlin went on to take the win and Mark Gater who has just come out of the category 4 racing from his 20 year absence I think from racing to manage to get Second. Well done to both. Also a big well done to Stephen McGrath who was upgraded to A2 last season to get 4th in the main race of the day the Bobby Power which was won by the pocket rocket Paidi O'Brien. So thats it for another weekend of racing. The next race for me is the Des Hanlon which will be a good race (fingers crossed). Then my next race will be my home one (Silver pail) on the first Sunday in April so im looking forward to the coming weeks now as some of the races will suit me. Hopefully anyway....

If any of ye come across with some photos of me in them can ye please tag me on Facebook or let me know. Thanks.

Oh and im going to announce the news I said on a blog a few weeks ago. Last year I was asked to ride in the Summer for a team called dream cycling  but I wasn't quite ready but this year the manager has asked me to come over for the bit of the Summer to race. I'm really looking forward to this experience and i'll hopefully do well over there also. ( all going well). Should have some photos up in a while

Race Results


Crossing the line exhausted with tired legs
(Photo by Martin Moore)

Tucking in
(Photo by Aquablue)

Stevie taking 4th in the a1/2 bobby power memorial
(photo my me) 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blarney District Traders GP

So its once again time to blog and this time its from the Blarney District Traders Gp held by Osbourne meats/The Edge.

So i decided to race today seeing as im riding the Gorey 3-day it would be good to get the miles into the legs. The main race of the bank holiday weekend is tomorrow in Carrick-On-Suir and im hoping to do well there. Oh and thanks for the lift tomorrow Corey.

Right this weeks training went good. The weather was amazing so on Tuesday i decided to get out and get a a long spin in so i went up over the Vee and the view was absolutely amazing. I never seen anything like it before up there,although I must say the road from Fermoy to Lismore is completely rubbish ive never cycled on a road so bad. Anyway after making my way up over the Vee and entering Clogheen and Ballyporeen I swung left and went up over the climb from Ballyporeen and down into Araglen so it was a good training and the weather was great. On Wednesday I got out again and i did two laps of the Silver-Pail route and then up over Cappacross and on home so about 68km done and two good days of training in great weather. Felt like riding in Gran Caneria at times. That night i could feel a cold coming on and I was hoping i wasn't getting a bad dose of the Flue so i decided not to risk the body and took Thurs and Friday off to rest the body as i had two good days of racing over the weekend ahead of me. Yesterday i met a pal from Over the hill cycling club (Water grass hill) and we went up into Kilworth,Mountain Barracks and back through Mitchelstown about 50km done so it wasn't too bad. My body felt crap and he was dropping me on the climbs so I started to worry about the weekends racing. I came home and cut the grass for the dad and sat down with a nice bella cafe takeaway as it was my mothers b-day and just gave the Tv abuse for the next 80 minutes as Ireland where playing in the crucial 6 nations counter with France. The game was just amazing. Watching every game and if we won (which we did) we would win the 6 nations and beat England on a better scoring difference.So it was a good start to the weekend seeing Brian O'Driscoll bow out of the Irish team on a high.
After the game i got my bag packed and ready for a tough race which lied ahead of me.

Taken from my Iphone

Taken from my Iphone.

Right time to get onto today's race....

So after getting a goods night sleep and waking up feeling a lot better from the cold I have I was hoping today would be a good ride on the bike in Blarney.

Anyway I bot my b-fast ready, Weetabix with (berries,almonds,granola and small choco chips mixed in) it came in the packet (the choco chips did) and Orange Juice. Anyway my dad and I got the car loaded up and headed for Blarney, Seeing as we only left just before 11 we where just up after 11:30 and  I got signed on and kitted out for the race and met the lads and had our usual chit chats and cycled out to the start and the race got underway at 1pm.

There was a decent sized bunch of Cat 3 riders. A lot of people are probably saving there legs for tomorrow in Carrick but I decided to ride both races as it would benefit to me in the next few weeks.

Anyway we had about 1 min 40 on the cat 2's and then 30 seconds further back to the cat 1s. 
The race got underway and the pace was fast from the start. Martin O'Loughlin and some other rider got a away and i decided to go after them but was distanced in between the bunch and the 2 riders so I sat up and the bunch reeled me in and we caught the two lads a few minutes later. There was a good bit of attacking through out the race. At the start there was a nasty climb. It wasn't that long but it would kick on for a bit. I looked down at my garmin and my hr was 200? Maybe it was that because i still had a small cold. Anyway the category 2's caught us on the  second lap only bout 4-5 of them. (Foley, Hahessy,Hennerby) and some other rider and maybe another one also. Anyway I was at the back of the bunch and I saw the lads go up the road and that was it. The break consisted of Foley,Hahessy,Hennerby, Michael O'Loughlin, His father Martin and a few others. When they got away on the climb basically who ever was on the front made the bunchs speed come down and they got away. Knowing the Category 1&2s where still behind I was thinking they mightn't catch us or the lads up the road. At one stage I looked back heading for lap 3 and I saw Paidi coming across with his team mate Owen Cummings I think and they started talking tactics. They sat in the bunch for awhile and then the lads behind caught us so the speed went up even more. I was surprised how I was going as my body felt crap  Thurs to Saturday so i just kept plugging  along in the bunch and staying out of danger as knowing the lads where still up the road. Anyway on lap 3 Mike Hennessy decided to give it ago and brought Paidi and and a few more riders and they where gone for the day. Of course I wasn't  going to chase down my team mate but maybe I could of gotten onto the back of the lads and got away but ah well. Anyway While the lads went chasing down the lads up the road I just sat in the bunch trying to save my legs for tomorrow. I gave a few attacks in to test the legs. I think heading for the 4th lap Cathal Moyinihan made an attack. I was on his wheel and I could see him making his way towards the top and I went after him bringing a few more riders. We had a small gap but I wasn't that big to get away so we where reeled in and that was the end of that. So after that I decided to sit in the bunch and just save my legs. Started having a few conversations with a few of the lads i knew and we headed over the small climb for the last time. On the last lap we could see the Comms car and i thought we might have a chance of getting them back but with Blarney controlling the race as  they had a rider up there it wasn't to be. I must say  the route was a good route to test the legs but the road was bad at times. Anyway I came over the  line towards the back of the bunch. I was still happy as I had a cold for the past few days. So that's the end of the blog for today and I should have photos posted on this blog post in the next few days. I just have to find them over the next few days. Till tomorrow.

Also well done to Michael O'Loughlin on taking the win. 


Blarney District Traders Cup

Photo by (Joe Murphy)

Photo by (Joe Murphy)

(Photo by Joe Murphy)

(Photo by Joe Murphy)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

There were so many attacks on the road today but nobody could get away. I came 1km short from possibly getting a prize but thats bike racing for you

Its time to blog once again and this time its from Ras Lumini in Caherconlish. This race i have flashbacks from a few years ago as i crashed and broke my frame and wrist and was out for 2 months. I always get nervous at this race but once we got going today I was grand.

After last weekends disaster I was hoping to do better today. I arrived on and got signed on. It was time to decide what to wear? bib shorts or go for the winter tights again. I decided to wear the summer shorts ,body-warmer, jersey and arm-warmers. The weather was wet but it wasn't freezing cold until I hopped off the bike after. Anyway i got a good warm up done with Fergal and Stevie and headed back for the start of the line. Today's plan was to try and do my best and see what will happen during the race. I had my eye on a few lads that where doing well and stayed up round the front for most of the day to avoid any of chaos at the back of the bunch.

Anyway the category 1s started and bout 7 mins later we started. I decided to have a pop of the front early on and brought two lads with me. One Killarney rider and some Aqua-blue guy. We got away for about 5km until we swung left and back onto the main road when the peleton caught us and stayed up round the front of the bunch. It was a weird race because nobody could get away. A few riders would get away but a few km's later they would be brought back. With Eddie Dunbar and Dylan O'Brien racing in Holland you would know the difference big time as it wasn't constantly attack after attack. Anyway I positioned myself going up the climb going onto the second lap well and just kept my powder dry. There were a good few attacks during the race but nobody could get away as it was closed down straight away. I decided to jump away again and i brought a good few riders with me including two great women riders. Fiona Meade (Blarney cc) and Fran Meehan ( Aquablue). I thought that this was it we would stay away but yet again we would be brought back a few kms later. It was annoying because I really wanted to get a prize today as i had a decent start to the year. Yet again i decided to jump away again coming off the main road going along some narrow road and brought Stephen Shanahan and a good few others with me but yet again we were brought back. Going onto the last lap a few riders got away and stayed away until 3km to go. Some riders would just sit on the front and bring the bunch a long and make no effort to chase down the riders up the road. I also saw a guy with mudguards on his bike today. I really couldn't believe it. There are some riders that shouldnt be allowed ride a3 races. Some guy nearly came over on top of me until i told him to move over and getting abuse thrown back at me. The weather conditions were very bad and my feet were so numb i couldn't feel them. I made my way towards  the front heading for Caherconlish. Everyone wanted to be at the top of the bunch. The last corner was going to be dangerous as it was very wet. I saw James Pitmann go but i decided not too follow only to see him come down. I managed to get in behind Stephen Shanahan and give it my all on the climb. I had a glance back and we had a small gap but my legs just blew up. I'm not a fan of the draggy finishes. I know today it flattened out but im more of a sprinter on the flat.

Anyway I managed to finish somewhere in the bunch, I was very happy with today's ride as i know there is a bit of form there but I just have to pick the right race to get the results.

Next up for me is Blarney District traders Gp and the Carrick Wheeler's (Paddy's day race). I may just wait until the Monday to race.

Anyway that sums up another weekend of my bike travels.

Once i get photos ill post them on here



On the attack.
(Photo by Kay Caplice)

Jumping away early on
(Photo by Kay Caplice)

Positioning myself for the last 1km
(Photo by Kay Caplice)

And again.............
(Photo by Kay Caplice) 

Ras Lumini Results

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The commasaire told us we where racing for 9th place but we came 7km short. Finished outside the top 20

So its back to the blogging again and this time its about the Lacey cup in Tralee.

After last weekends crash i got away with damage done to me and my bike. I only got a small graze on my knee but during the week my knee was a small bit sore. I was able to ride my bike grand but when i would walk into town it would get sore and i was worried but it was just from the impact from the crash.

Anyway i got my kit ready last night and pinned my numbers onto my long sleeve jersey and gathered my bits and pieces and new shoes into my bag and off to bed i went.

Waking up at 7:45am and relaxing in bed while it was pouring down outside,I knew it was going to be a wet race if it kept up like this outside. Anyway i got my breakfast ready (weetabix) and orange juice and i got the car loaded up with the bike,spare wheels and pump. Anyway my dad and I left just after 9:15and headed for Tralee. The weather was shocking going down. I just plugged my headphones into my ipod and listened to music on the way down and looking at all the flooded fields.We arrived about 11:15am and i went to sign on and get kitted up. I wasn't really sure how today was going to go as last year i was dropped after 15km.

Anyway we rolled out of the Manor west hotel about 12:10pm and headed for the start line. We had a 2 minute handicap on the category 2s and a 3min to the 1s. I tried getting away early but the wind was just ridiculously strong so i just rolled back into the bunch and saved up my energy for later on. A few riders tried getting away but the wind was very bad at the start. We headed towards the first climb of the day (Camp) and i was climbing well. It wasnt like last year when i was dropped early on. The category 2s had caught us by then and the lads said Damien Shaw also passed ( from the 1s bunch). I never saw him passing and we never saw him again. Anyway we kept on riding and a few other riders managed to slip up the road (Hahessy, Foley) and others. We kept belting on the road for home. We had riddled the bunch down to about 25 riders maybe a few more or less I wasn't quite sure. We passed through Annascaul ( i think) and headed along the coast looking out at the sea while it was dry and my legs were fine.I was delighted with the race so far as i felt comfortable and wasn't suffering. Anyway a good bit out the road a good friend of mine David McCarthy (riding for the NRPT) attacked and i said right its now or never so i decided to chase after him with a few more riders and the gap went up very fast and we caught Kieran Crean and few others along the way. In the chasing group there was me, David,Simon toumey,Kieran Crean, Eoin O'Connell,a carrick,waterford and some other lad. I looked back and we had a massive gap and i thought we were going to stay away. We kept doing up and over and a commesaire pulled up and said we were racing for 9th place and i thought this was it, I was going to get a prize as there was top 12 prizes but top 8 for CI points. Anyway we motored on and swung left through some village. Adrian from blackumbrella passed on the motorbike and took some photos and maybe a small video clip of us. Anyway with about 7km to go we were caught. Id say we were away for bout 15km or more. I was sickened but i was over the moon with my race. From getting dropped after 15km last year and this year to be up the road and been caught with 7km to go i was delighted. Anyway the bunch rolled through and my legs were getting really tired now. I managed to get onto the back of Paidi o'Brien, Robin Kelly and a few more riders and finished on the back of  the bunch. There was another big bunch ahead by not that long so i crossed the line very happy and buzzing.

After today i reckon i can get a result soon. From crashing with 700m to go last week and sprinting for second place also to finish outside the top 20 in Tralee i was very happy.

Next race for me is Broadford next Sunday so im hoping to do well there also.
I will post photos later on once i find them.

Till next time

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Lacey Cup-Results

Crossing the line. Just outside the top 20
(Photo by Blarney CC) 

Up Cappacross on Thurs

New S-work shoes and santini tights

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crashing with 700m to go. It could of been a lot worse.- Ned Flanagan Memorial

So its time to start my weekly blogging again. This time its going to be about the season opening race in Monsterevin.

Last night i got my bag organised as i new it was going to be an early start. Got the winter kit together and so on and went to bed at 12am.
Alarm went and woke up feeling excited, First race of the season i was excited. I had my breakfast (weetabix) and orange juice and headed down to the park gates to meet Fergal and picked up Stevie on the way from his place

The roads looked a bit frosty going up at 8:30am but it was going to thaw out well before the start.
We arrived on plenty of time before the race kicked off.,paid the 20€ and went to get kitted out and had a the usual chit chats with the lads and other people.There were people wearing shorts and i thought they were madness. It was cold out there and it wasn't the day to wear shorts. I did a warm up and tried to keep warm and it was time to get going.

Separate races i was glad. Last year there was a big crash with 3km to go so i was glad not knowing it was a handicap and the a1/a2s where coming for us. We began about 4mins after the category 1/2s. It took awhile for us to get going. We where going so slow at the start and a lot of stop going i thought the cat 4s where going to catch us. We got going after awhile but it was very hard to get away with the massive head wind out in front. A few riders including myself tried a few times but failed so decided to let others do it and sit towards the front of the bunch staying out for trouble for most of the race. It was a very stop and go race. There was no need to be breaking a lot of the time but some people where just pancaking and watching each other. I had a few close calls early on with a few riders but managed to keep out of trouble. It was a lot better than last year the course was a lot better i thought and much safer.
So heading for Stradbally i could see a few riders up ahead and they where getting a gap so i dropped it down into the 14 and decided to go across. There was a lucan rider, Carlow and some other rider and we managed to do our turns except for the carlow rider he skipped once or twice leaving myself and two others battling the wind when we could of done with him. Anyway about 3km later we where swept up by the peleton and i decided to keep up towards the front of the bunch and to see who was going up the road. I managed to hit a pothole and somehow i didn't get a flat tyre. I was waiting for the hissing noise of the air to come out of the tube but it never did so i kept on riding. We came to the 1.5km climb and i kept my cool just following the wheels and trying to keep away from the back as riders began to drop out  the back of the bunch. We came to this twisty decent then and went over these cattle railings on the ground and it was a bit hairy also on the way down but thankfully nobody crashed.
Anyway we came back onto the  main road and a few gaps began to appear and i was at the back of the bunch for some reason we had distanced from the bunch but managed to get back on the back of it and rest up well for the bunch finish. Some one said that there was a few riders up the road but in the end it was only the former an post rider Ciaran Kelly ( who took the win) and if i knew it was only him i would of positioned myself better for the sprint. As we headed towards Monsterevin people began to watch each other as 1st place was already taken. With 600m to go some rider decided to loose his bike handling and bring down a few of us. I managed to get back up unhurt but only a ripped bib tights and twisted handlebars. I was disgusted as I rode well all day and to hit the deck with 700m to go. The main thing is im grand and so is my bike.Just have to replace the bib tights. Anyway thats my update on today's race. Next weekend im not quite sure yet. Its the traders cup or Lacey cup. I wont find out till during the week if im going up to Dundalk but we will wait and see

Anyway it was good to get the pedals turning again and having the banter at the races.

Till next time


Getting things underway today 

Cut on my knee from crashing 

New shoes coming tomorrow 

Orbea Odin helmet i won